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          • How can uniform and sports kit be bought over the summer holiday?

            Over the summer break, Express 制服 will be operating ‘pop-up’ shops from the school’s High Options area. PE kit orders will also be available for collection from the Printworks office in school. The opening times for both the pop-up shops and 印花厂 are detailed on this school website link. This page will be updated next […]

          • When will we be publishing further information about the start of the new school year?

            In addition to the information included within High Notes Issue 40 of 17th July 2020, there will be many more details that you and your children will need and want to know before September consequently we will be publishing on 周五8月21日 an updated version of the Student Return to School Guide and a […]

          • Cheshire East school travel survey – planning for 2020年9月

            Cheshire East Council would like all of our parents / carers to complete this short travel to/from school survey to help them understand our students’ current travel arrangements and to help identify alternative options from September. //surveys.cheshireeast.gov.uk/s/HTSSScondary/ Their requested deadline for completion is Wednesday 22nd July.

          • Relationships, Sex and Health Education

            We want all of our young people to grow up healthy, happy, safe, and able to manage the challenges and opportunities of modern Britain. This has led the government to review and develop the curriculum expectations that have to be followed by all schools in Relationships, Sex and Health Education. This area of the curriculum […]

          • Further communications with parents scheduled before September

            High Notes Issue 40 (Friday 17th July) has a planning and preparation for September focus. We have included all of the key information that we think you will need to know at this stage in the year. You will receive further information in relation to start of the year plans on 周五8月21日.

          Planning and Preparation for 2020年9月

          High Notes Issue 40 of Friday 17th July is entirely devoted to introducing to our plans for the full opening of the school in September.  Please 点击这里 to access this issue.

          The key points are as follows:

          1. All students to return full-time in September to the full curriculum
          2. The key additional health and safety provision to be introduced in September is that students will “live and learn” in self-contained Year Group Zones – movement around the site will be significantly reduced and closely managed
          3. 员工 Training now over 3 INSET Days (Tuesday 1st – Thursday 3rd September)
          4. The student return to site will build up in stages over 3 days (Friday 4th – Tuesday 8th September)
          5. Further details on plans and procedures for the new school year will be communicated on 周五8月21日




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