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          Headteacher message for the week beginning 29th June

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          • We look forward to seeing Year 10 again during the week beginning 29th June along with a number of Year 12 students.

          Among the many questions we all have about the future I expect these two are especially pressing at the moment:

          1. What are the plans for the last weeks of the summer term?
          2. What are the plans for the beginning of the new school year in September?

          Plans for the last weeks of the summer term

          Normally at this time of year our communications with you would be full of information about Wider Curriculum Days and end of term reports.

          This year, of course, we are having to do things differently.

          We wrote some weeks ago about our plans for the summer term for each year group.  These have been developed as follows:

          • The week of 13th July we will be sending out a brief progress update for students in all Year Groups 7-12 relating to their engagement with our home learning programme and the next steps they should be taking to prepare for September.
          • As usual, we will be providing optional summer work for students who would like to take the opportunity to catch up.
          • During the week of 13th July there will also be an opportunity for students to review their progress over the last few months and plan next steps.  We think that this personalised planning is important because no ‘one size fits all’ at any time, and particularly not in the current situation.

          We will share the full details of what the remainder of the term will look like in High Notes on Friday 3rd July and each year group will have a video from Ms Powley explaining the plans for them.

          Plans for the beginning of the new school year in September

          Amidst all the reporting and misreporting in the media it is probably sensible to stay clearly focused right now on the exact words used by Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of State for Education, on the 19th June:

          • “School is vital for every one of our children. That is why we will bring all children, in all year groups, back to school in September. ”
          • “Over the coming weeks we will publish further information and guidance to help schools prepare for a full return in September. ”


          From these we have the government’s clear intent:

          • we will bring all children, in all year groups, back to school in September.  

          From these we also have a clear recognition that schools do not yet have the information and guidance to understand exactly how the government expects this intent to be implemented:

          • Over the coming weeks we will publish further information and guidance to help schools prepare 

          So we are busy working on our plans for a number of scenarios but you will understand that we need to await the government’s “further information and guidance” before we can finalise these plans and share them with you.

          In the meantime, I hope you and your families manage to combine the enjoyment of eased restrictions with continued vigilance as to the simple precautions we should all be taking to promote good infection control and transmission prevention.

          With all best wishes,

          J. H. Pullé


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